Cathedral Building Project - Cathedral Building project

By this time (March 2012), the Taskforce Committee had undergone some changes - they had elected Mr. Yonah Adala as the new Chairperson and co-opted more members - Mr. Isaac Muturi, Mr. Joseph Cheloti, Mrs. Mary Mulwa and Mr. Barnabas Omesa. The current membership therefore comprises:

  • Mr. Yonah Adala - Chairperson
  • Mr. Barnabas Omesa - Secretary
  • Mrs. Nancy Mbito - Member
  • Mr. Isaac Muturi - Member & lead contractor
  • Mrs. Dorcas Kiteshuo - Member
  • Rev. Polycarp Meger - Provost
  • Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Chemengich - Member
  • Mr. Henry Abuga - Treasurer
  • Mr. Alfred Kiboi - Member
  • Dr. Samuel Njenga - Member
  • Mr. Joseph Cheloti
  • Mrs Mary Mulwa

It is heartening to note that the digging of the foundation was done by members of Kibomet Fellowship (Cell Group). Since then, church members, either individually, through fellowships, families or departments have actively given their time, money and material resources towards this project.


On June 17th 2012, The Bishop laid the foundation stone







 In July 2012, a special appeal was made to church members to either as individual or as joint families, to pick up one section between two pillars, which was costed at Kshs 50,000 per section, and upon completion they were entitled to naming rights - such a section would be engraved with their family names for posterity. Again, this was being done in line with the fundraising scope as envisaged in the Fundraising Document. We are glad to report that since August 2012, there has been at least one family or joint families every Sunday giving their contributions and we have raised averagely between Kshs 30,000 - 50,000 per Sunday. This far, we say Ebenezer, God has been our helper!

We are grateful to God, all St. Luke's members and Friends of St. Luke's (FOS), who have generously given towards this project because currently the church building is almost at the roofing stage. We believe with God, all things are possible and hopefully we will be able to complete the Cathedral before our desired target of 2015. Below are photos showing the progress made so far.