Cathedral Building Project

It is this document which has been the guiding framework for the cathedral construction because it spelt out a comprehensive fundraising scope. For instance, to jump-start the fundraising, Taskforce members each gave Kshs 10,000/- which enabled the committee to open a special Cathedral Development Account at Diamond Trust Bank.  In the meantime, several options of raising funds for the cathedral were deliberated and church members' support was sought - the initial funds to start off the process was done by the congregation.








  The Cathedral Construction work was officially launched by our Bishop, Rt. Rev Kewasis during a Ground Breaking & Fundraising Service on December 19th 2010This also marked the firstofficial fundraising event, which was graced by Mr. Andrew Nyabidi as the Guest of Honour. Over Kshs 700,000 was raised, which enabled purchase of iron sheets for fencing off the ground and other materials. Another major fundraising was done in December 2011 but the invited guests of honours did not turn up and the funds raised were entirely from church members. There have also been mini-fundraisers which have greatly boosted our kitty

 Despite the Groundbreaking being done in December 2010, the actual construction work did not begin until after 14 months due to many challenges, which the committee had to overcome. The Provost, Rev. Meger led the church to a "Construction-launching" on March 25th 2012, which officially commenced the construction work.  By then, the church members had faithfully given cash and in-kind through building materials.