About US - Core Values

Core Values

These are timeless principles that guide the Church. They represent deeply held beliefs or behaviours that are demonstrated through the entire life of the congregation for the achievement of our vision and mission as a body of Christ:

 v  Service - we believe in serving in humility to provide compassionate service (Mat 9: 35 - 36)

v  Integrity - we believe everybody should seek to be above reproach in all our dealings through truthfulness, sincerity and honesty (Titus 2: 7)

 v  Relationship - we will strive to enhance building of social relations and connecting with the community to share God's word (Heb 10: 24,25).

 v  Worship - we affirm the value of gathering as a community in worship as a means of witness (Psm 95: 1 - 7; John 4: 24).

 v  Spiritual Growth - we allow members to grow in faith, knowledge and character (Rom 12: 1 - 3; Prov 19: 2).

 v  Lay involvement - we will utilize lay members' skills, passions and spiritual gifts in all aspects of the church (Eph 4: 11 - 13).

 v  Mission Outreach - we will strive through the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit, to reach out to the lost world with the redeeming, healing and restoring Grace that is in Christ Jesus (Luke 4: 18 - 19).