About US

St. Luke's Cathedral Church is part of the worldwide Anglican movement and the Anglican Church of Kenya in the Diocese of Kitale. The history of Anglicanism in Kenya dates back to 1844, when the first Anglican Missionaries arrived from the Church Missionary Society. The church is located next to the Kitale District Hospital (and aptly so because St. Luke was a Physician) in Kitale Town, headquarters of the Trans Nzoia County. St. Luke's is the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Kitale. 

 Our vision is: To be a faith community in which each member will know and experience their full potential as God created and purposed for them.

Our mission is: To be a centre for redeeming, healing, feeding and empowering every human soul through the gospel of Christ for total human transformation.

The Church was built in the 1920s and officially began worship services in 1926. According to church records, the first service was held on March 1926 by the Rev. E.W Huntingford. The foundation stone was laid on 18th March 1929. The church has continued in her growth and on December 19th 2010, a ground breaking for the Cathedral was done by the Rt. Rev. Stephen Kewasis Nyorsok.

Since its inception in the 1920s, St. Luke's Church has changed its names and status as follows:

  • 1926 - 1932: The Church was a congregation administered under Uasin Gishu and Trans Nzoia Parish within the nationwide Diocese of Mombasa.
  • 1932 - 1939: St. Luke's Church was administered under the Chaplaincy of Nzoia Province (Trans Nzoia).
  • 1939 - 1957: from 1939, A new Parish was officially named as the Parish of St. Luke's Kitale, which remained so until 1957 when it was changed to the parish of Trans Nzoia.

As the Anglican Church grew and spread, St. Luke's Church changed its Diocesan administrative affiliation as follows:

  • 1926 - 1961: Diocese of Mombasa.
  • 1961 - 1982: Diocese of Mombasa
  • 1983 - 1987: Diocese of Eldoret
  • 1997: Diocese of Kitale formed after division of Diocese of Eldoret into two. St. Luke's was appointed the Mother Church of the Diocese of Kitale and renamed St. Luke's Pro-Cathedral ChurchConstruction of the Cathedral commenced in March 2012 and after completion, the prefix "Pro" will be removed and the church will be called St. Luke's Cathedral.